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Instructions:   Click on any Latin name, to hear how it sounds, or type a name of your own into the typing-blank, and press pronounce.   Purple names were originally Greek.

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← If you know (from your own outside knowledge) that a name has a long-vowel, then use CTRL-C (copy) & CTRL-V (paste) to copy 1-or-more of these vowels with macrons (little lines over the vowels), into the typing-blank:     āēīōūȳ ĀĒĪŌŪȲ
Alternatively, type these macron-vowels by using the CTRL key (and add Shift, for capitalization).
(The ↗ accented syllable is capitalized.)

Adelphia (sister)

Adrastua (inescapable)

Aelia (of the sun)

Aemilia (Emily)

Agatha (good)

Agrippīna (little wild horse)

Alcēsta (strength of the home)

Alexandra  (a name for Hera)

Amanda (to be loved)

Amarantha (unfading)

Ambrosia (immortal)

Anastasia (ressurection)

Andromeda (thinking of a man)

Angela (messenger/angel)


Arista (excellence)

Atalanta (a fast runner)

Āthanasia (immortal)

August(īn)a (venerable)

Aurēlia (Golden)

Aurōra (Dawn)


Bella (beautiful)


Caelia (heavenly)

Calista (most beautiful)

Camilla (warrioress)

Candida (white)

Cassia (Cinnamon)

Cassandra (entangler of men)

Cassiopēa (Ethiopian queen)

Chlōē (“Green shoot”, Demeter)

Clāra (bright, “Kelly”)

Claudia (lame, crippled)

Clēmentia (mercy)

Cloelia - ?

Concordia (harmonious)

Constantīna (steadfast)

Coretta (maiden)

Corinna (maiden)

Cornēlia (having to do w/ horns)

Cristīna (christian)

Cynthia - (from Kynthos, Demeter)

Daria (wealthy)

Decima (tenth)

Delphīna (of Delphia, dolphin)

Diāna (Artemis)

Domitia / Domitilla

Dōra (gift)

Dōrothea(gift of God)

Drūsīlla (oaken, strong)

Dulcea (sweet)


Estella (star)

Eudocia (good repute)

Eunicē (good victory)

Euphēmia (well spoken)

Euphrosynē (joy, mirth)

Eurydicē (wide justice)

Eusebia (pious)

Ēvangelīna (good little angel)

Fabia (bean-related)

Faust(īn)a (lucky)

Fēlīcia (happy)

Fēlīcitās (happiness)

Flāvia (yellowish)

Flōra (flower)

Hecuba (far off)

Helena (torch)

Heva (Eve)

Hilaria (cheerful)

Hippolyta (horse-free-er)

Honōria (honor)

Honōrāta (honored)

Horātia (good eyesight)

Hortensia (garden)

Hyacintha (purple)

Iantha (violet flower)

Idōnea (suitable)

Iocasta (violet tinted)

Iōhanna (Joan)

Ītala (of Italy)

Iūcunda (pleasant)

Iūli(ān)a (Julie)

Iūnia (young)

Iustīna (just)

Laelia (an orchid flower)

Lātōna (hidden/forgotten)

Laurentia (of Laurentum)

Laverna (spring-like)

Lāvīnia (Mother of Rome)

Lēta (glad)

Līvia (envious/blue)

Lūci(ān)a (light)

Lūcasta (pure light)

Lucrētia (wealthy)




Maurītia (Moor)

Melpomenē (Choir)

Modesta (moderate)

Monica (Unique)

Narcissa (daffodil)

Nātālia (Christmas-ish)

Nōna (Ninth)

Octāvia (eighth)

Ofelia (help)

Parthenopē (maiden’s voice)

Paulīna (humble)

Pēnelopē (Odysseus’ wife)

Phaedra (bright)

Phoebē (sun)

Polyxena (very foreign)

Pōmōna (goddess of apples)

Pompēia (showy)

Porcia (piggish)

Prisc(ill)a (ancient)

Prūdentia (prudence)

Pulcheria (beautiful)

Quinta (fifth)

Rēgula (a rule)

Rhoda (rose/red)

Rhēa (Earth)

Rosālia (Rose)

Sabīna (Sabine)

Secunda (second daughter)

Selēna (moon/Artemis)

Septima (seventh)

Serēna (serene)

Seraphina (burning one)

Silvia (from the woodland)

Stephania (crown)

Tacita (silent)


Terpsichorē (enjoying the dance)

Thalīa (blossoming)

Thecla (glory of God)

Theodōra (gift of God)

Theodosia (God-giver)

Theophilia (friend of God)


Ursula (little bear)

Valentīna (healthy)

Veronica (true image/victory)

Valeria (strong)

Varinia (versatile)

Verbena (holy plants)

Veronica (true image)

Victōria (victory)

Virginia (maiden)

Vīta (life)

Vīviāna / Vītālia (alive)

Xanthia (blond)

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