to be a Slave of Latin

It is 125 A.D.   You were minding your own business in the country of . . .

Roman Empire map

. . . when you were captured by Roman cavalry, →
under suspicion of bringing grain to a local raiding-party.

Because you knew neither Latin nor Greek, you couldn't defend yourself.


      Luckily for you, no cruel master bought you, but you've been bought by . . .
. . . the most cosmopolitan man in the whole empire . . . Emperor Hadrian himself. ↘

You barely escaped being assigned to his personal gladiatorial school.
Instead, you'll be a domestic servant at his gargantuan villa, 15 miles east of Rome.
You'll have to work your way up through the servile-ladder, learning the latin language & culture,
and demonstrating your proficiency, at a skill-level well enough to get paid, . . .
. . . until you can   someday   buy your freedom.

In case you should run away, fill out your 'dog-tag,' below, often worn by illiterate slaves:

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Fill in all orange-highlighted  fields:

I am a slave from named .

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I belong to the Emperor Hadrian's Villa at Tivoli.
If I should run away, or if anything should go wrong with my growth-&-progress, please notify:



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My password to be admitted to my areas of the Villa Hadriana is . . .
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